August 13, 2019

Org Analyzer

Here is the project link:

I started using Emacs org mode “for real” a little less than two years ago and have been tracking my work related activities ever since using org-clock-in. Since the end of 2017 this has generated quite a bit of data but I have found that actually digging into that is rather hard due to the limited reporting functionality in Emacs.

I do have a few concrete use cases in mind. For example, one of my biggest weaknesses is to reliably estimate the effort for software projects. To get at least a little better at this I want to try learning from the past. To make it easier to get an overview and “slice and dice” my time tracked activities I created org analyzer:

It turns out it is actually pretty fun to explore question such as “what was the biggest project last year”, “what are my core work hours”, “what thing that I thought took a long time was rather quickly done”, etc.

So, yeah, a fun little project that actually took way longer than I thought ;)

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