April 1, 2023

org-ai — Emacs as your personal AI assistant

org-ai is an Emacs extension that provides functionality by integrating various AI models into Emacs. This demo gives an impression: The project can be found on Github. Currently, features include: use ChatGPT in org-mode with #+begin_ai...#+end_ai blocks directly with a prompt anywhere on selected text to ask questions or request other actions refactor code generate images and image variations with DALL-E speech input and output

February 22, 2023

Setting up Github Copilot in Emacs

Quickstart Either follow the instructions of zerolfx/copilot.el or use a ready-to-roll config provided at rksm/copilot-emacsd. This is a short walkthrough describing my current Emacs-Copilot setup. Copilot is primarily advertised as a VSCode utility but actually it works really well in Emacs. Given the ease of adjustments (e.g. when to see completions) I would even argue Emacs might provide a better experience. Table of Contents Changelog Intro & Disclaimer Copilot API & integration Copilot Emacs packages Setup & Customizations Restricting when to show completions Customizing keys Copilot-specific Tab key Ctrl-g / cancel Changelog 2023-03-20: zerolfx/copilot. Read more

February 7, 2021

Configuring Emacs for Rust development

Rust support in Emacs improved a lot during the past two years. This post will walk you through setting up Emacs to allow for: Navigating the source code (go to to implementation, list references, outline module structure) Code completion Code snippets Highlighting errors and warnings inline Apply code fixes and refactorings Automatically import definitions if necessary (such as for Traits) Code formatting with rustfmt Building & running other cargo commands This setup will be based on rust-analyzer, a LSP server that is under very active development and powers the Rust support in VS Code as well. Read more

August 13, 2019

Org Analyzer

Here is the project link: github.com/rksm/clj-org-analyzer. I started using Emacs org mode “for real” a little less than two years ago and have been tracking my work related activities ever since using org-clock-in. Since the end of 2017 this has generated quite a bit of data but I have found that actually digging into that is rather hard due to the limited reporting functionality in Emacs. I do have a few concrete use cases in mind. Read more

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